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Successful Content Marketing Tactics [Infographic]

Implementing content marketing strategies is crucial if you want to grow your internet business successfully.

Here are a few of the most crucial advantages of content advertising for your company that you simply must take into account if you want your online venture to flourish.

Let’s Have a Financial Discussion

There’s a good reason why 85+% of all marketers across the globe are relying on content marketing to boost revenue. It has been shown that customers typically see 11.4% more content before deciding to make a purchase. Furthermore, up to 80% of people only look at organic results and completely disregard sponsored adverts. While content marketing accounts for 13% of the typical marketing spend, digital advertising only accounts for 11%. There will be more growth in these figures during the next few years.

You might not realize this, but content marketing saves you 62% compared to outbound marketing.

Even more astounding is the fact that content marketing generates more leads by threefold than outbound marketing.

This is why 44.7 percent of marketers produce 5 or more pieces of content each week.

Methods of Content Promotion That Work

Among the many forms of content marketing, data visualizations, blogs, and videos are among the most effective in bringing in new business online. A review of an infographic is performed thirty times more frequently than a review of an article, and an infographic is shared three times as frequently. When compared to other content kinds, infographics are responsible for 45% more searches.

In 2017, this material was used by 71% of internet marketers for their social media strategy. The reason for this is that visual material receives 94 percent more attention than text-only content, regardless of quality.

Images, memes, and graphics are the kind of content most likely to be shared by me and my friends. Many individuals today prefer visuals over written text because of the instantaneous connection it provides.

Did you realize that every day, 30% of all new block prices are only lists? This equates to as many as two million new block costs being published every single day. Blogs, which have been ranked as the sixth most trustworthy online information source, are utilized by 59% of businesses as a marketing strategy, and seventy-e of these users regularly write content related to their business.

About half of all marketers think blogs are the most vital content approach for expanding their company. The typical length of a blog post is around 1,050 words, and those that include photos receive up to 94% more pageviews.

Videos are an important kind of content since they increase the likelihood of reaching the first site of Google search results by a factor of 50. Compared to those who don’t watch videos, those who do are expected to spend 1.81 times as much money. For several reasons, including the possibility of a 157 percent boost in organic traffic from search engines, 96% of B2B companies use videos in their marketing strategies.

In 2017, videos are expected to account for 74% of all traffic, and 62% of businesses say they’ve seen a boost in organic visitors as a result of incorporating films into their content marketing strategies.

Effective Content Marketing: How to Get the Word Out

Getting your advertised material in front of potential customers is just as crucial as making sure it is of high quality. Email and social media marketing are two of the most widely used strategies for generating awareness of your marketing material.

Marketers all across the globe agree that email continues to be the best way to promote their content. It’s no surprise that 93% of marketers name email as the most crucial method for disseminating their information, given that 204 million messages are delivered every minute throughout the world. When compared to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, email is 40 times more likely to result in new business being acquired in 2017. The majority of customers (70%) like receiving advertisements via email.

Using the term “video” in a message subject increases the likelihood of being opened by 19 percent, just as it does with blog posts and other forms of content. Your subscriber count will drop by 26%, and your clickthrough rate will drop by 65%, if you use this strategy.

In order to promote your content marketing and bring in new customers, email isn’t the only option. The fact that one-third of the world’s population now routinely utilizes social media networks explains why 79% of all businesses have embraced this promotion for their online promotion.

Sharing videos (23%) via social media, photos (22%) and offers and promotions (18%) are the top three greatest content categories you can publish to enhance your brand. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the top four most popular networking sites for content marketing in 2017.

Keep in mind that the optimal content marketing recipe calls for 65% original material, 25% curated material, and 10% replicated content. Branded content has been shown to be twice as effective as traditional display advertising at evoking a positive response from the target audience. Last but not least, keep in mind that visual material provides you the most potential interaction for both social networks and email. It goes as saying that high-quality material is what customers value the most, therefore putting in the effort to create content that stands out from the crowd should be a top priority.