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How To Host A Quick Giveaway On Instagram: 7 Best Ways Explained

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Are you a person looking for quick ways to run successful giveaways on Instagram? As social media platforms are great for video content, Instagram becomes the right choice to extend your growth. Moreover, Instagram has emerged as the perfect social media site to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website by creating viral giveaways.

Instagram contains an engaging community to enhance your business growth to a greater extent. Here, learn the ways to create a successful giveaway to bring your target audiences to your profile and skyrocket your reach to wider audiences. Before letting into the tips to create giveaways, let us first identify why giveaways on Instagram are a good idea.

What Is A Giveaway On Instagram?

Instagram giveaways enhance your brand promotion where more target audiences perform specific tasks related to your profile to win prizes. Some tasks include tagging a friend, leaving comments on your post, or providing a link and asking your potential audiences to visit a link on your bio. 

Reasons To Run Giveaways

Whether you are a new brand or an existing one on Instagram, it is great to build customer relationships with creative giveaways. However, running giveaways provide you following benefits:

  • Increase your followers count faster
  • Create greater engagement, showing your content on the feed
  • Build a strong relationship with your audiences
  • Helps you to provide product updates to create more excitement.
  • Boost user-generated content to enhance your brand trust.

Ways To Run Successful Instagram Giveaways

Running contests on Instagram benefits your business by engaging more audiences and increasing your brand’s popularity.

Let’s now dive into the tips to enhance your brand growth on Instagram;

1. Define Your Goal

Before creating giveaways, find the reason you want to get them as an output. Setting clear goals takes you on the right path to achieve brand success. Your goals help you to make the right decision, like prizes you choose, content type, and ways to promote your giveaways.

Provide the giveaway image in the way that your target audience identifies your brand. Here are some ideas to set objectives according to your goal.

  • Increase website traffic: Ask users to visit a blog or your site
  • Raise email sign-ups: Ask people to subscribe to enter your giveaways
  • Boost engagement: Run a contest by requesting users to share photos that feature your product

2. Learn Rules

Once setting your objective, find out the rules on Instagram to create promotions. If you want to run a risk-free giveaway, include the below information in your post.

  •  Provide clear rules to join your giveaway
  • Include the eligibility criteria to run the contest
  • Terms and conditions related to the prize
  • An agreed statement that Instagram is not responsible for the contest

If any of the rules are unclear, Instagram has the power to remove the content.

3. Provide Relevant Prize

The prize for your Instagram giveaway acts as a tool to attract the participants. Picking a prize relevant to your brand or product gains greater engagement. However, deep research will provide an idea about the prize relevant to your fans. Instead of a high-valued product, create an exciting giveaway with a simple prize to broaden your audience’s participation.

4. Create And Promote Your Giveaways

Once done with setting up the right goal and prize, create an engaging giveaway to enhance audience engagement. Moreover, you can’t wait for long to make people enter. So, involve actively in promoting your giveaways to increase the number of participants.  In fact, announcing your giveaway as reels is a pretty good idea. When you start to know the ways on how to buy Instagram likes for reels videos, the number of participants will increase gradually helping you meet your goals faster. Since there are different inbuilt features to boost your content engagement, go with the reels feature to gain audience attention. Confirm whether your giveaways meet the following information:

  • An eye-catching image with keyword-rich captions
  • Authentic information about the price you offer
  • Clear instructions to enter the giveaway

5. Track Your Result

After choosing a winner randomly, track the result of your Instagram giveaways and learn how to boost your future giveaways’ performance. Note down the audience visits, traffic, and engagement on the giveaway. Though there are different tools, go with the in-built analytics tool and get the insights that bring success to your brand.

Wrapping Up

Now you are clear on how to run a successful giveaway to reward your followers and increase your brand awareness with business growth With the viral power of engaging giveaways on Instagram, grab the opportunity for your brand to enhance its brand growth.