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How To Use Instagram To Boost Your Ecommerce Store?

Do you wish for your product to become well known and appreciated by more people all around the world? How can you get more people to click through and buy from you? If so, Instagram may be a powerful asset in growing your online store.
How well-versed are you in Instagram trivia?
Over 40 billion photos have been uploaded to the site, and daily uploads average 95 million photos and videos.

According to Instagram, there were 77.6 million users as of 2015.
It is projected that in 2016, mobile advertising on Instagram brought in $1.53 billion. Furthermore, eMarketer predicts that the industry will generate $2.81 billion in revenue in 2017.

Almost half of all companies use Instagram as a promotional medium. According to eMarketer’s projections, that number will rise to 70.7% by 2017.

How exactly does Instagram help your online store?

It entails producing novel, high-quality product photographs that are more interesting and appealing than stock shots.
It makes it simple for customers to buy your wares online using their mobile devices.
An increased number of people will be interested in what you have to say, and your reach will increase.
When taken as a whole, the aforementioned factors make it easier for customers to make purchases, which in turn generates a lot of money for your company.
Marketers are branching out beyond Facebook to other social media platforms to spread the word about their wares. In order to accomplish their business and marketing objectives, they are also including Instagram into their social media marketing initiatives.

Instagram is the key to turning onlookers into buyers, whether you’re a new business trying to make a name for yourself or an established company trying to expand your consumer base. Learn in only nine simple steps how to use Instagram to increase revenue for your company.

Convert your existing Instagram profile into a business one

Instagram recently made news by announcing the launch of a new feature: business profiles. An Instagram marketing campaign’s initial step is switching from a personal account to a commercial account. You may import your Facebook contact details and create a more polished profile, all while keeping your Instagram shoppable links. Every week, you’ll get a report detailing how many people saw your posts and how many of them were clicked on.
Use Instagram’s Selling Apps

Use these three tried-and-true Instagram sales techniques to boost your bottom line.

Making a Shop Window That Can Be Clicked

Brands may increase their sales with the help of e-commerce software that turns a single link into a fully functional online store. Yotpo(Open Link in new window) is a popular app that allows you to link many goods to a single picture. Now, with your bio link, customers can simply click the “buy now” button on the store’s website and complete their purchase.

Keyword Marketing

Hashtags may also be used to promote and sell items on Instagram. Use the helpful tool Inselly(Open Link in new window) to achieve this. This strategy is analogous to the storefront link method, with the extra software feature of the #Inselly hashtag. Inselly enables consumers to easily locate and purchase products featured on Instagram by labelling them as shoppable.

Include eye-catching images

Focus on providing a pleasant visual experience for your consumers by sharing interesting material in the form of appealing photographs if you want to increase your brand’s perceived worth.
Keep in mind that the Instagram image size recommendation is 1080 × 1080 pixels, and that captions have a character restriction of 2200.

Watermarking photographs with your domain name is another approach to promote your online shop and attract more customers. This way, people won’t feel like they’re being pressured to buy, but your followers will still be able to find out more about your company thanks to the attribution of your image. Watermarking the image with the domain name directs viewers to the site for more reading.

Put your customers on display by publishing content created by them

Inspire your audience to provide original material. Encourage customers to upload photos showcasing their new purchases and follow up to get permission to use the images on your own social media channels. Inspiring other people in this way will hopefully result in more sales for you. Your bottom line may benefit from this referral advertising strategy. As a kind of advertising, this is being used by a growing number of fashion-related websites.

To expand your audience, investigate the use of hashtags

When you’re using Instagram for marketing purposes, it takes more than just sharing beautiful photos. Hashtags should be used with every image. Instagram users may better organise photos and goods by category using hashtags. Using the right hashtags will increase the number of people who view your items and narrow down your audience for you. However, if you use the wrong hashtags or too many of them, it can hurt your strategy.

Solicit Product Reviews from Influencers

Online marketing strategies that use influential people to drum up business are all the rage. Similar to the way that word-of-mouth operates. With this method and Instagram, you can connect with people all over the world who are experts in their respective fields, such as chefs who share their recipes with foodies, fashionistas who show off their latest looks, and so on.

A brand’s reputation improves when they work with influential people like bloggers and social media stars.