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How To Create A Flawless Instagram Carousel Post

How to Create a Flawless Instagram Carousel Post
I think it’s safe to say that everyone can relate to the interest.
You can’t help but check in on your favourite person’s Instagram Story every time they update! You look forward to what they post, and your excitement builds with each new story slide.
Instagram is ingenious because it took this concept and human nature and turned them into one of their best features: the Instagram Carousels.

Instagram carousel posts have skyrocketed in popularity, and are now one of the platform’s most sought-after features. In 2017, carousel posts accounted for 3%-4% of all Instagram content. In contrast, the proportion almost tripled from 5% in January 2020 to 19% in July 2020.

A carousel on Instagram: what’s the deal?

To see a series of photos or videos in a single post on Instagram, users can swipe left on the post in the mobile app. With a desktop, you can scroll through a carousel of posts by clicking the arrow button to the right of a given post.

Visualize it as a slideshow, but one in which viewers can advance the images at their own pace, ensuring they don’t miss any of the information.

Instagram carousels have the highest engagement rate of any Instagram post format. Particularly if the first slide is visually pleasing, they are an excellent method of getting your audience to stop what they’re doing and pay attention to your content. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that Instagram carousels have a higher engagement rate than either photos or videos.

Their platform success can be attributed to the platform’s user being attracted to the designs and visuals. In a carousel post, users can upload up to 10 images, and the first page can serve as a call to action. With this, the reader can swipe left for additional information on a given subject.

Depending on the number of people who follow a page, carousels have an engagement rate of 1.65% to 5.40%. The average engagement rate across all social media platforms is 1.22%, so this is significantly higher.
To What End Should You Use Instagram Carousels?

If you’re in charge of a digital company, consider the following applications for an Instagram carousel post:

  • Pedagogical Materials
  • Analytical data
  • Infographics \sTutorials
  • Use hacks and tips to separate longer pieces of writing.
  • The Brand’s Story
  • Comparisons of the Old and New
  • Image Dumping
  • Public displays of products
  • Fundamental Parts
  • The Latest Products/Brands
  • Highlights from a user-generated event
  • Views from the production’s backstage

Carousel Requirements on Instagram

There are strict dimensions that must be adhered to when making a carousel post on Instagram. Create and optimise your content considering the following three possible aspect ratios:

Square (1:1) (1:1)
Horizontal (1.91:1) (1.91:1)
Vertical (4:5) (4:5)

Instagram suggests a picture resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels. Allowed video resolutions range from a low of 600×600 up to a high of 1080×1080.

Use Social Champ to Plan Your Instagram Carousel Posts Ahead of Time.

The free version of Social Champ is beneficial to social media managers in many ways. Schedule your Instagram posts with the help of Social Champ’s free plan if you’re just getting started using Instagram for business.

Schedule Instagram carousel posts in advance for your company’s profile with the help of Social Champ, a social media scheduler. This app lets you plan out your Instagram posts (including captions, images, and hashtags) up to three years in advance. Social Champ allows you to automate your Instagram management and post up to 24 times per day, complete with high-quality images, tags, mentions, hashtags, and captions.
Social Champ makes it simple to plan ahead and schedule Instagram carousel posts. What you need to do is detailed below.

  • Sign in to your Social Champ account.
  • Navigate to the “Add Media” tab.
  • Your post can be uploaded in one of two ways: from your local computer, or from a cloud storage service like Google Drive or DropBox.
  • Pick your posts, set up a posting schedule, or add them to a queue for automated posting.

The new capability to schedule Social Champ’s Instagram Reels has just been released. With this app, you can upload and release your reels instantly. If you want to make decisions based on data, Social Champ also lets you monitor the post’s analytics on Instagram. Instagram makes it simple to track engagement metrics and download reports on audience engagement.

The first reply to any of your posts can be scheduled in advance, and you can save canned responses to messages and comments. Thus, you can get a more responsive audience and a clutter-free Social Inbox.

Inject Some Life Into This!

You’re passing up a huge marketing opportunity if you’re not making extensive use of Instagram’s carousel feature. You can increase your content’s engagement by utilising one of the aforementioned Instagram carousel formats. Use the carousel’s advice and strategies to increase your impact tenfold.