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For Instagram, How Long Should Your Videos Be?

With the demise of Vine, it’s no surprise that Instagram is taking up the mantle for short videos, since the platform has gradually extended the maximum length of videos it would allow over the years.

Why Would You Share That Video Online?

Instagram is great since videos play automatically as you go through your feed. Advertising and promotion are maximised viewers need not click through to view it. If you are presenting an appealing product, style, or service, the automatic play option might boost visitors to your feed. Maybe people didn’t know they wanted it until they saw it in action on video. If you’ve never submitted a video before but want to give your stream a more personable vibe, now’s the time to start. Hearing and seeing the individuals you follow gives your feed a more personal and real feel.

How long can an Instagram video be?

Instagram users have the option of posting videos in one of three formats: stories, IGTV, or the main feed. There are time constraints and varying durations associated with each of them.

  • An Instagram Story video may only be 15 seconds long and will expire after 24 hours.
  • The maximum length for an IGTV or IG Live broadcast is 60 minutes, and videos remain viewable for up to 24 hours. This is a fantastic idea for longer-form videos, such those required for makeup-related seminars.
  • A video posted to a user’s personal feed can’t exceed 60 seconds in length and will remain in the feed till the user deletes it.

While there are varying limits on how long a video may be, anything shorter than three seconds will be rejected.

And if my clip exceeds 60 seconds in length, what then?

Have no fear! There are solutions to shorten a film that runs longer than 60 seconds to suit that time limit, but before we get into those, here are some things to think about.

Even if you publish a 10-second clip on Instagram, if the first four seconds of the clip don’t appeal to the viewer, they will just go on to the next video. If you’re advertising a company or product, losing 33 percent of your audience at the halfway point is a big deal. 30 seconds is great if you can do it, according to research looking at Instagram and individuals who interacted with videos, but this is only one study and some people prefer watching how-to videos!

Quicker with less haste

Now that you have shot a fantastic makeup lesson, you want to upload it to your channel and share it with your fans. One simple solution is to speed up the video so that it can be presented in 60 seconds. Consider this a trailer for the full-length film; once you’ve shown people how they, too, can achieve this style, send them on over to YouTube for the main event!

Trim, Trim, and Keep Trimming

You have trimmed your cosmetics instruction to the bare minimum, yet it still exceeds the allotted minute and a half. Keep in mind that you just have four to six seconds to get people to stop what they’re doing and watch your video. In order to get the most out of your Instagram video, you should edit it on your phone or in a video editing programme so that it begins at a compelling moment and exclude any extraneous material.

Verify Yourself

If you have a sizable following on Instagram and wish to publish lengthier videos, you should try to get verified. This means that even films one hour long can remain on the stream for a full day. While they must be in real time, you can use that hour to talk about whatever you choose or even do a quick cosmetic routine. Instagram TV time for verified users is doubled to 60 minutes from the standard 15 minutes for other profiles. Perhaps earning that badge is worthwhile.

Make use of Instagram’s video feature to advertise your other videos and articles.

You can only have videos that are less than 60 minutes long and less than 24 hours old on your account. Instagram may be used as a springboard to other platforms, such as YouTube. If you conceive of Instagram as providing a taste, your followers may seek for the whole material elsewhere.


Instagram keeps raising the maximum duration of videos with each new update and amendment to the terms of service. Stories may now be uploaded next to one another in order to form a single, seamless narrative. We doubt Instagram will ever shorten the length of videos, but it’s important to think about whether you’ll be able to accommodate hour-long films on your feed. If you want to know how lengthy your movies may be, you should follow updates and read articles on changes.

Concluding Remarks

Instagram is a great place to share videos because it’s so user-friendly and adaptable; once you get your brain around the many options for video length, exposure, and sharing, you’ll have no trouble reaching your target audience. If you want to give your viewers a taste of what you have to offer on other platforms like YouTube, you may want to experiment with the duration, extensively chop and edit, and speed up your videos. According to studies, a video no longer than 30 seconds will have the most impact, therefore you have just around 4 seconds to get your audience interested. Make the most of your time by posting interesting material that people will really read.