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Advice for Organizations Considering Live-Streaming on Instagram

The dangerous yet thrilling world of Instagram Live video: how to leverage it to your advantage in business. Allow me to provide a few thoughts.

Provision for both devoted patrons and casual browsers

My first piece of advice is to consider the poles. A couple folks at IDEO introduced me to this idea, which they named “Extremes and Mainstreams.” Learning what the most and least enthusiastic members of your audience enjoy can lead you to success with the majority.

Extremes can be interpreted in several ways. Customers who have been with you for a while may be interested in more sophisticated information (such as tips) whereas newcomers to the product may be more interested in the fundamentals. Making a video that appeals to both niche and mainstream audiences increases the likelihood that everyone will like it.

Give a shoutout and ask a question that establishes your relationship whenever a close friend or regular client watches your Instagram Live video, such as, “Hey Marta! How are your goldfish doing? That individual will feel appreciated, and others will see that you are a genuine human being with actual friends and clients. It shows that you care about your consumers and gives you an opportunity to personalise yourself.
Or you may make a product reference: “Marta, I was just thinking about you the other day since we just got another set of flower napkins in the shop and I know you adore florals.” An excellent technique to bring up a product while yet keeping the conversation warm and friendly. The conversation is overheard by everybody.

You’re a people person who takes pleasure in bringing in new business. As a result, paying attention to the Instagram users you don’t know but who join your Instagram Live video is equally crucial. Get them talking to you. If you’re in the jewellery business, you may say, “Hi Sam, Jana, and Louis! Welcome! Your favourite jewel is… Leave a comment and I’ll display an item featuring your preferred gem for everyone to see.

Spread the word about your next Instagram Live broadcast

Experts recommend this method for broadcasting live video on any platform. I think of live video as more than simply a content type; it’s an actual event. As such, you should treat it as an event worthy of publicity. Due to Instagram Live’s transient nature, this is more crucial than on any other platform. The videos you broadcast on Instagram Live will be deleted when the broadcast ends, but the ones you broadcast on Facebook Live will remain on your profile. You can still get people to watch your Facebook Live broadcast even if you don’t advertise it beforehand. To maximise participation, advertising of Instagram Live is essential.

Put up a notice a day or two ahead of time letting people know that you’ll be doing a live video and what time you plan to begin it. Your dedicated clientele will mark their calendars now. Inevitably, some other people will discover it by accident. Write about it on your other social media networks and provide a link to your Instagram URL. If you’re working with other businesses or people, have them share information about your future live stream on their social media pages and tag your username in the accompanying photo.

Grant early access to something… discount information, a notice, or some suggestions

Provide incentives for people to watch your live videos, so they know it’s worth their time every time. Give them a head start with something like a discount code. Or make a pre-launch announcement before something is posted to your website. Or, provide a free piece of advise that would normally cost them money. Giving consumers a taste of what they may expect from future films is a great way to keep them coming back for more. It’s important to always consider the people you’re interacting with and how your actions will benefit them.

Think of it as a pre-meeting orientation

Instagram Live video may be quite helpful for eliciting responses from viewers that go beyond simple likes and comments. While people interact with you in real time, they feel less removed from you than they do when reading your written content and may ask you questions as they come up. People’s focus expands to accommodate their increased involvement.

Business owners in the service sector should remember that their company is an extension of themselves and their staff. Before committing to your business, customers need to get to know you, have faith in you, and feel comfortable communicating with you. Creative professionals like web designers, programmers, photographers, and others frequently meet with new customers for an initial consultation or introduction. Instagram Live video functions as a type of first encounter, allowing a greater number of people to communicate with you virtually face-to-face (rather than via a website or catalogue). More customers will likely feel comfortable using your services if you establish credibility with them.

In spite of the fact that social media in general can be more personable than, say, a website or catalogue, live video may be the most personable kind of social media material. People see more than simply the products of your labour; they see you, or your hands at work, or at the very least, they see what you see when you point your phone’s camera at some fascinating subject. In a sense, it’s more authentic. This sort of communication is particularly important if you run a relationship-based company.